Human Factors Survey

2 Oct 2004 - 7:18pm
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Hello everyone,

I am a masters student at California State University Northridge (CSUN) --
studying Human Factors. One of my courses -- "Selected Topics in Human
Factors" requires that I do a class presentation on the Interaction Designer
profession -- especially when applied to web design.

If you would like to reply to the survey that I have enclosed below, email
your answers to me at: catherine.emond.310 at

If you want to verify that this survey is legit you can also email my
professor, Barry Berson, at: bberson at

Thank you so much!

Catherine Emond

Human Factors Profession Survey

You may choose whether you want to be cited as a survey data source in my
presentation, or whether you wish to remain anonymous.

Interaction Designer Survey

1. What are your job requirements (Education/Training/Skills required,
2. What are your primary job roles, responsibilities and duties?
3. If applicable what is the typical organizational structure that you work
4. What are some sample applications, or examples of projects that you have
done in this profession?
5. What is the current status of this profession and future prospects?
6. Profession salary range?
7. Job advantages and disadvantages?
8. Do you recommend pursuing this profession?
9. Anything other comment you would like to add?

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