ADMIN: 5 strikes and you're out

1 Oct 2004 - 11:09am
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Dave Malouf

Our e-mail list is set so that if your e-mail address sends us an error
message for any reason, after 5-10 times in a row (meaning no message was
received successfully in between) it will automatically unsubscribe you.

For people who belong to Hotmail or Yahoo mail and you have low quotas (or
other freemail systems) this can be a problem.

Please be diligent in your e-mail AND it is in your interest that when you
go on vacation to turn off your account so it doesn't receive e-mails while
you are gone (and so others don't get annoying "out of office messages") and
thus cause your mailbox to be clogged.

For more information go to click on Join Us and there is a
link for List Help on the left.


-- dave

David Heller
<mailto:dave at> dave (at) ixdg (dot) org

AIM: bolinhanyc \\ Y!: dave_ux \\ MSN: <blocked::>
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