Another idea: Elastic Widgets for drawing wireframes easier

13 Apr 2008 - 1:50pm
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Oleg Krupnov

Hi everyone,

I'm very thankful for all the interest and feedback I have received from the
IXDA community about my table-based wireframe editor prototype. At the
bottom line, the initial idea has been criticized (justly) for its inability
to handle floating elements, which are common in Web 2.0 applications. On
the other hand, everybody liked the easiness of moving content assets
between table cells and the way how the assets got automatically aligned.

I have tried to combine the benefits of the two approaches (widget-based
editor vs. table-based editor), and added some candy from the best
widget-based layout editors I know.

I am presenting you the new prototype that you can download and play with:

Your feedback is highly welcome!


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