[EVENT] From Business to Buttons 2008, 12-13 June in Malmö, Sweden

9 Apr 2008 - 3:43pm
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Mikael Lindh

'Bad design is bad business,' says usability guru Don Norman before his European visit.
Don Norman will be a keynote speaker at Business to Buttons 2008, Europe's meeting place for interaction designers and business managers in Malmö, Sweden in June.

The conference focuses on interactivity regardless of the technical platform and how to combine design with business benefits. Here you can get inspired, learn from others, and develop within your area of competence.

Workshops and sessions are filling up. Don't miss out!

For more info please visit www.businesstobuttons.com<http://www.businesstobuttons.com>

About From Business To Buttons
Our much longed for conference From Business To Buttons had its premiere in 2007 and it was met with great success. Long before the first conference was put into effect we had felt the necessity to gather people within our industry. Then we wished to bring forward those in the frontline, our role models within our field. So the conference rapidly started taking shape.

Our aim was to create a gathering for and by the people in the frontline. We wished to gather those who are always seeking new paths, rethinking and developing their way of working. A key part was also to share knowledge, insights and mistakes, something we recognize to little of.

The organisers Malmö University and inUse are therefore repeating the success once again this year.

The conference will be held in Orkanen at Malmö University 12-13 June.

The event is a two-day conference offering insights and methods on how to design information technology and create positive effects for business and society. It is also becoming a European meeting place where the people within the industry can get inspired, learn from each other, and develop within their areas of competence. It is a conference that focuses on interactivity regardless of the technical platform.
This year we offer three tracks for the participant to chose from that goes parallel.
One design track, one strategy track and one workshop track.

Representing the sessions and workshops we have just over 30 speakers, mainly international from UK, US as well as from Asia. This years keynote speaker is Don Norman that will talk from his latest book, The Design of Future Things. We also proudly present David Fore from Cooper, Clive Grinyer Head of Design at Orange Telecom and well know brand strategist Patrick W Jordan just to mention a few.

Besides from full days with sessions and workshops in Orkanen, we will have a number of interesting exhibitors and happenings on site as well as a great evening at Glasklart in the west harbor to offer the participants.

For more info please visit www.businesstobuttons.com<http://www.businesstobuttons.com>


10 Apr 2008 - 1:13am
Mikael Lindh

Hi again,

I forgot to mention, an Early bird fee is available until Monday 14th
of April.

Hope to see you all in Malmö!


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