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31 Mar 2008 - 8:10am
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Tori Breitling

I'm interested in any information I can find on the effectiveness of
websites creating auto-accounts. The only examples I can find so far are
like what happens when a user posts a comment on engadget: an email is sent
to the user's account, where they have to click the link to post the
comment. Additionally, in the bottom of that email, is an auto-generated
user name and password, for the poster's theoretical subsequent visits.

Does anyone know how effective this is? Do users see this info and use it on
subsequent visits?

The (unreleased) social app I'm working on takes this one step farther, and
uses the send-to-a-friend paradigm to create an auto-account. When the
"friend" clicks the link in their email to see the content, the
auto-generated account info (along with links to edit username and password)
are displayed on the page with the message/content they hopefully will
interact with. (The auto-generated account info will also be in the email).
Essentially, then, the send-to-a-friend action creates auto-accounts for all
recipients of those emails.

Anyone have any thoughts, anecdotal or otherwise, as to whether users
understand the idea of an auto-generated account, and if it indeed works to
remove barrier to participation?


ux consultant

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