Visual Icons on cell phones

22 Mar 2008 - 6:33am
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Apar Maniar


I am doing a bit of research on what kind of generic icons are used to
represent broad categories, the specific category I am interested in is

What I am looking for is if people can help me out under what category do
all your entertainment activities like music, games etc. are placed on your
"current" cell phone. The reason why I have it in quotes is because I want
the one that you use the most actively to do that activity.

Let me start with an example in my case

Phone : Sony Ericsson W600i
Category: Entertainment (that is actually what its called)
Visual Icon: A PS2 controller (because its black and has the buttons if it
was white I might have described it as an Xbox360 controller)

All I want is people on this list to give me a similar description of the
icon, phone and the category under which everything is clubbed.

To avoid repetitive answers and clogging the list I would request to write
to me off the list unless people want to go through others answers, I will
post a summary of the results I get.


The goal of the action is the action itself!

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