JOB: UX Lead Rock Star - NYC - Temboo - FT

19 Mar 2008 - 9:24am
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"Do you want to sell sugar for the rest of your life or do you want

to change the world?" Steve Jobs

We're Temboo.

We're creating world class software that has the potential to

radically change the way people look at software creation.

But before we do that, we need some help. Our little company is

almost a complete picture - we're developers, project managers and

marketing professionals. The only thing we're currently missing is

someone with a complete and deep background in user experience - a

rock star.

Our software is only as good as the experience it provides and we

need help insuring we hit the mark with our users and customers.

Here's what we need:

Someone who is comfortable with change. We're a start up software

company with a dynamic environment. The only constant is that things

change (and change often). You need to be comfortable with that.

Someone who can say NO. We've got user experience needs EVERYWHERE.

You have to help us prioritize and stick to your guns, no matter

what we say. We're looking to you to set the UX tone. You have to be

confident in your decisions and help guide us.

>From a practical point of view, you gotta be super comfortable with:

. Conducting and/or reviewing user research and translating any

findings into tangible designs

. Illustrating user flows through the experience (this is the forest

for the trees), which provides a map of the experience

. Creating working prototypes that communicate the total (or


parts) of the experience - the form of these prototypes (lo fidelity

wireframes, hi fidelity comps, html, flash, paper) is up to you...we

just need you to communicate the intention of your design

recommendations in ways other than written use cases.

. Hiring and mentoring more jr. team members as well as building a

team and a process.

That's it. We could list a bunch of software in which you should

have expertise. But we don't care. Why? We'll take it for granted

that as a UX professional, you're familiar with stuff like Photoshop

and Illustrator and Visio or Omnigraffle. Because we're not focused

on the methods, just the end result. We need a kick ass user

experience. We need you to help us create it. And we need you to

help us communicate it in interesting ways to our developers, so

they can grasp your intentions and build them.

It'll will be fun, we promise. We are opinionated. We'll challenge

you. We know just enough about user experience to be dangerous. But

we're not too proud to ask for help.

Our unique company culture promotes individual contribution,

innovation, excellence, and the belief that work should also be fun.

We offer competitive compensation, flexible working hours, a casual

office environment, and respect for individual contribution and

autonomy. We're looking for people who have interests outside of

work as well (please mention some of these in your cover letter if

you like).

Does this sound like you? If so, there may be a place for you at

Temboo. Email us at jobs at temboo. com.

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