20 Sep 2004 - 2:33am
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Jef Raskin

We now have our software (that used to be THE) beginning to work. It''s
called a'ali'i (ah - alee- ee, which is great fun to say) for a bush
that grows vigorously even with little nourishment. Or "aalii" (alley)
for short. Much of a'ali'i is working: We just finishing implementing
the unlimited depth Undo / Redo that works between sessions; you can
perform an operation, quit aalii, even turn the computer off. When you
resume using aalii and you start out by using Undo, it will undo the
operation you did just before exiting.

While still available through email to discuss interface issues as
always, I have to trim my mailing list participation and concentrate on
the design, documentation, and testing of Aalii. To say nothing of
managing the project. So I have disconnected for now.

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