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16 Mar 2008 - 5:19pm
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Mark Schraad

Dave infers an important point. You don't have to limit yourself to
one mentor. I can identify many mentors through my career... one for
graphic design, another design thinking, a couple for how to
research, one for brand and marketing, several as an entrepreneur...
still looking for a mentor in managing the corporate machine, but it
may be to late for that ;) ... It helps if helps if you let them know
their role as mentor. Establishing the specifics of the relationship
can be helpful though being humble in that regard can be difficult.

On Mar 16, 2008, at 3:00 PM, dave malouf wrote:

> my career has skyrocketted in the last 5 years (out of 15). I
> attribute that to these things:
> IxDA - being active here has put me in close contact with
> "experience". You can't accelerate experience, but you can give
> yourself more access to it, and try to be open to other people's
> experience.
> Mentors - lots of them and really good ones. Of course, IxDA has been
> the main way that I got in touch with mentors. There are also
> different types. There are the mentors at yoru day-to-day job and the
> mentors away from your job. Both types are invaluable.
> Failure -- it speaks for itself.
> Confidence -- Being wrong confidently is a powerful tool. It really
> is. Take Stevie J. and Apple Tv. ;)
> Passion -- Ya gotta love it.
> Argue -- Don't be afraid to argue with your superiors (well out f
> the work place). I've learned more from arguing with Jared, Andrei,
> and Robert R. than any course I could imagine. :) Maybe it is a style
> thing, but it works for me anyway.
> OH! Explore w/o boundaries ...
> Travel ... Learn another language besides your native language, and
> read/watch lots of Sci-Fi. (I'm not kidding).
> -- dave

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