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11 Mar 2008 - 12:14pm
8 years ago
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Rob Nero

Thanks for the feedback Angel! I've discovered and experienced everything
you stated, unfortunately though, after we bought it! :)

The product is an amazing prototyping tool, no doubt about that. But it is
only as good as how much interaction you can build into it, or are willing
to build into it. Intranet sites are perfect for the tool because of the
nature of a site: page driven, page states, server hits, static content,
less form controls, etc. But when we start prototyping applications with
the tool (webapps) the amount of interaction that we can accurately display
falls quite short to what we actually build. Like Angel said, you are
limited by what form controls iRise gives you. It does not handle
state-less or page-less application design. All of the interactions in the
tool assume a server hit (form submission).

But aside from the negative, we are using it, and we are using it with
success. It is forcing us to rethink some of our app designs to make them
work in the tool, but we are gathering great feedback when people use the
simulation that iRise produces. Instead of building out a lot of html code
and writing additional code to make it work without a backend in place, we
are testing iRise simulations in our usability lab.

Yes it is expensive, and I do not have any numbers to show the value, but
it is proving useful in our large enterprise.



11 Mar 2008 - 5:23pm
Christian Sosa-Lanz

The aim of iRise to to aid communication and convergence. While it doesn't have all possible interactions, it does help you get your point across with little to no hand waving. Even when you build fat apps (page-less with advanced interactions) with it, you are able to get your entire team on the same page(unintended pun).

I would not say by any means that your design should be limited by the prototyping tool. Like any tool of the trade, you make it work for you. We see this happen in paper prototyping and drawing by hand. You end up pulling from various skill sets whether they be verbal, animated gifs, flash, etc to get your point across. The other consideration is the amount of time that is reasonable for the project.

The question I pose to you guys and gals is: If you're presenting your idea and you say, "Drag this CD cover to the right panel" meanwhile you click on a CD cover and it appears in the right panel, is this good enough to drive convergence? Or do you need to see the CD cover move with your mouse?

BTW, this is not to say that iRise will not be adding more interactions. We're hard at work.

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