Inline vs Model Forms

10 Mar 2008 - 11:02am
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The company I work for is in the process of converting a Web app from
classic ASP to ASP.NET. Our app produces a ton of data result sets and a big
part of the conversion will be implementing a 3rd party .NET DataGrid
control. Our user base is made up of accountants who spend a lot of time in
Microsoft Excel so making our data results, "Excel-like" has advantages. We
can debate the merits of .NET but we're a Microsoft shop so, "I've got to
dance with the ones who brung me"

The nice thing about the DataGrid control is that it can mimic some of
Excel's inline functionality such as add, edit, or filter data. Is that
always a good thing for a Web app? There has been some internal debate about
implementing the overlay model forms and not use the DataGrid's inline
features. The thought is that forms provide a much richer user interface
that can't be duplicated inside the DataGrid.

One of the concerns is that many of the .NET DatGrid implementations use
inline features and that's becoming standard practice not the model forms.

I know it all comes down to meeting user goals and usability testing. Just
looking for a little feedback.



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