Upcoming Event: Gel Conference, NYC, April 24-25

4 Mar 2008 - 12:35pm
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Gloria Petron

On behalf of Mark Hurst & Phil Terry and the folks at Creative Good,
I'd like to announce an upcoming event, the 2008 Gel Conference.
I attended this conference last year and was significantly influenced
by the speakers and concepts to which I was introduced (such as
"bit literacy", which taught me to how empty out my email InBox at the
end of every day and has since made a big difference in the way I work).

The Gel conference is a two-day event in New York every April. The
name "Gel" is short for "Good Experience Live," and it explores good
experience not just in the online world but in *all* areas - art,
business, technology, creativity, and so on. Gel 2008 is next month -
on Thursday-Friday, April 24-25 - see info here:

Past Gel speakers include radio host Ira Glass, artists Christo &
Jeanne-Claude, Bob Mankoff (New Yorker cartoon editor), and many
others - you can see video clips here:

On the first day, Thursday, attendees have direct experiences all
across New York City; on Friday, speakers present in the theater for
20 minutes each - this way Gel can fit about 15 speakers into the day.

Gel is a very diverse, multidisciplinary event, both in the speakers
and the attendees. See the range of attendees at last year's conference:

By attending an event that mostly features people *outside* our
discipline, we have a better chance of learning patterns and examples
that we can apply *within* our discipline, in new ways.

Sign up soon, since there aren't many tickets left:


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