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4 Mar 2008 - 7:46am
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Dan Brown

Hello Interaction Designers!
EightShapes is hiring again! Please see our (now infamous) job description
below. Our preference is to have someone local to DC.

-- Dan

EightShapes, LLC, a user experience consultancy founded by Nathan Curtis and
Dan Brown, wants to hire you. What's the catch? We have requirements:

* You have to know quite a bit about user-centered design, and have an
opinion about the role of user research in the design process.
* Likewise, you have to know a bunch about designing interfaces for
complex web-based services, and can play in the areas of information
architecture, interaction design, and conceptual modeling.
* You can produce professional user experience documentation.
* You have to prioritize actionability and practicality, and know what
we mean when we say that.
* You have to demonstrate excellent communication skills, and stand up
to Dan when he plays "bad cop".
* You can work independently, manage client expectations, and meet your
* You can tell a good story.
* You know a little something about what's under the hood, and
understand the capabilities and limits of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and
other presentation layer technologies.

That's the easy part. Your cost of entry:

* Minimum three years' experience
* Portfolio that proves you can design user experiences and produce
effective deliverables
* College degree (related field preferred but not required -- that would
make us hypocrites)
* Three positive references (from a peer, a manager, and a customer)

Note that showing up to the interview with a copy of Dan's book does not
automatically get you the job, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

About EightShapes

EightShapes was established in 2006 by Nathan Curtis and Dan Brown to help
large organizations develop effective online communications tools for
managing information. Dan and Nathan founded the company on the principle
that in order for a web site to be successful, users must be a part of the
design process, and the cornerstone of effective design processes is
producing actionable, attractive, and articulate artifacts. EightShapes'
clients include Sun Microsystems, Comcast Communications, National
Geographic, Marriott, Hanley Wood, Cisco, Discovery Communications, and

Contact Information

Send all inquiries, including relevant documentation such as resumes,
portfolios (or links thereto) to jobs at

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