Programmer divide in IxD (was Help: Looking for another me)

15 Sep 2004 - 3:05pm
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Christian Simon

> on 9/15/04 12:02, wrote:
> What's much more difficult and requires more expertise/experience is
> application design/architecture, efficient messaging systems, latency
> optimization, scalability, effective mapping of real-world workflows to
> objects, etc. These require more abstract and cross-discipline thinking.
> You're unlikely to get that from a junior programmer who's probably more
> focused on algorithmic implementation than on structural design.

You're shifting the focus onto effective work environments. I agree that to
escape speaking in generalities you have to give examples. I believe its
problematic to offer these good examples as the foundational characteristics
for evaluating aptitude to design interfaces.

The questions are swept away by the idea of the value of an expert who may
or may not have the ability to get nervous programmers back to their work
(keeping the work flo).

Hell with quality or competitive advantage, just hire your old friends who
were bust under the dot com-dress up programmers as IxD.

That's odd to me.

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