Heft and depth of content (was Portfolios)

27 Feb 2008 - 12:08pm
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Joe Lanman

> Do you find a danger, without a walk-thru, that the person you want to see
> the portfolio doesn't get to the full depth of what you have to show?
> I see this as almost an inherent problem with interactive navigation and
> the
> limitation of the screen boundaries to be able to convey what sort of
> material is behind any given screen

Firstly, I think this is an excellent point. Elsewhere you used the word
'heft' to describe the way physical
media can convey the amount of content, and the progress made through
that content.

It seems to me there could be a conflict between keeping interfaces simple
and conveying heft - most web interfaces are displaying small chunks of
massive databases - keeping that complexity at bay. This is fine in cases
where users only care about a small sub-section, for instance on a news
site, but
when a user should be making their way through more content, for
instance a training
course, conveying heft could be useful.

I'm currently working on an online learning resource, and one way I've
thought about implementing this idea is in a dynamic index page - this shows
the extent of the course in one page, and indicates which pages and sections
have been read.

Any other thoughts on this?




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