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17 Feb 2008 - 9:10pm
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Todd Wilkens


Adaptive Path is working on a project right now for a company that is
developing tools for UX folks and front-end devs. We're trying to
talk with a wide range of folks who are creating what we're loosely
calling "Rich Internet Applications (RIA)." What we really mean is
people and companies that are at the forefront of creating the new
breed of internet applications, especially using technologies like
Ajax, Flash, Flex, AIR, WPF, Silverlight, etc. that allow for really
rich, interactive experiences. But this isn't just about
technology. Our interest is in that fuzzy boundary between designers
and developers that seems to become necessary when we begin to deal
with rich interfaces. This is an opportunity to help define the
tools and technologies that you will be using for your job in the
coming years. And we'll pay you for it!

See below for more details. If you're interested in participating,
email christy at adaptivepath dot com.



We're looking for people from these kinds of organizations...

Sole practitioners: These are folks who do a little bit of everything
in interaction design, from crafting some visual comps to IA to
prototyping and front end dev in something like Ajax or Flash.

Boutiques: Small shops with a fairly specialized focus on Rich
Internet Applications or highly interactive design. We want orgs that
are more on the making side of things than on the strategic. We're
especially interested in places that have a proficiency with tools and
platforms for rapid prototyping and rich experiences like Flash,
Silverlight, WPF, Flex, or Ajax along with IxD chops.

Startups: A classic small- to medium-sized company that is VC or self-
funded that does all the design and development of a fairly focused
RIA product or suite of products.

Agencies: Frog, Razorfish, Critical Mass, Blast Radius, or something
like that. Big enough to be doing Enterprise work also doing more
than interactive games or animated marketing sites.

Enterprises: We'd love to talk to some folks trying to bring good UX
and rich experiences into a large enterprise. Think RIA/UX folks
inside SAP, Fidelity, or Sabre.

We're especially interested in finding people located in Texas
(Austin, Dallas, or Houston) or the SF Bay area. We'll be scheduling
sessions in the SF Bay area for the week of 3/3 - 3/6 and doing Texas
interviews off and on from 2/25 - 3/14.

For companies of all sizes, we would really like to talk with a few
members of a team rather than just one person. We would like to come
to the place where you work to talk with you for about 1.5 hours and
we'll pay you for your time. For those doing sensitive client work,
we will be very discreet about project details.

If you or someone you know fits this bill and would be interested in
participating, please send an email to christy at adaptivepath do com.

Todd Wilkens
Adaptive Path
wilkens at

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