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15 Feb 2008 - 1:30pm
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Mark Schraad

I would guess that is because it doesn't always mean much. For instance... many of our regular users never turn their computers off... and in fact will "be on" as much as 18 hours between any real activity.

If you think about what is really happening with web sites, users are not 'going' to your site, they are downloading pages of content and data. Lots can happen in the office or home between page request. They can go to lunch, get coffee... take a nap. None of that speaks to any sort of worhthwhile engagement metric.



15 Feb 2008 - 12:44pm
Catriona Lohan-...

Apologies for the cross posting.

Hi all...

I have been developing a competitive analysis for some clients
competitor sites and the one metric the client keep asking for is how
long do user spend on my competitors sites. I have searched but I
haven't found this feature as an option on the free metrics sites
like Alexa, Quantcast etc.

There is a Comscore, whom I have a call into, but it's expensive and
maybe more than I need but wondering if there a more affordable
instant gratification solution I can propose to my client?

All ideas appreciated.



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User Experience Architect
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