Interaction08 + Crowdvine = Good

11 Feb 2008 - 4:33pm
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Bill DeRouchey

Crowdvine turned out to be an incredible tool for Interaction08. It
served as a great pre-mingling before the conference to get the ball
rolling, especially the want-to-meet feature.

But it could be greatly improved with post-conference features.
- Like others have stated, a Met (or Meeted) feature can be a personal
reminder of who you met.
- Letting people add their various identities (Facebook, LinkedIn,
Upcoming, etc.) into their profiles can offer quick links to cement
the connections post-conference.

As of Monday, there were 343 people in the Interaction08 Crowdvine.
Considering that there were approx 450 people there (attendees,
speakers, staff), that is an amazing ratio, even if you don't count
the Interaction Squirrel of Hope.

Did anybody happen to count how many people were in on Friday, before
the conference started? It'd be fascinating to know how much of that
activity happened before, during, and after the conference.



11 Feb 2008 - 6:16pm
Eduardo F. Ortiz

I agree with your statements, (and now will proceed to go on a wild tangent
- sorry) but I think that Crowdvine whether they intended for this to happen
or not generates a new type of community post-conference, and that is the
one where we interact without the need for an interface (or middle man -
crowdvine being one).

Crowdvine helped all of us (or at least me) get to know the people that
would be there before I was there, and allowed me to actually approach them
and pick their brains.

Like I kept on ranting during the whole conference, Crowdvine allowed us to
INTERACT with each other, in more than just a virtual/assisted way.


11 Feb 2008 - 10:02pm
Dan Harrelson

FYI: All of Adaptive Path's events for 2008 (UXI, MX, UX Week) will be
using Crowdvine. If you already have an account, just join the new
conference's community. All of your history in Crowdvine s stitched
together for a cohesive experience across all participating conferences.


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