[Job] - Bestica Senior User Experience Designer - 3 to 6 Month Contract in Bay Area

18 Jan 2008 - 5:00pm
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Bestica Senior User Experience Designer - 3 to 6 Month Contract in Bay Area

>From state-of-the-art CAD design and drafting to the industry's most
progressive digital prototyping, our client delivers a comprehensive suite
of solutions to help create, improve, and refine designs. If you or someone
you know is interested contact me, Alan Johnson at
<mailto:alan at bestica.com> alan at bestica.com 210.200.8523.

Bestica wants to know if you area a talented and influential design lead or
individual contributor? Are you a recognized corporate and industry leader
and one who excels in quick and strong interactive design solutions? Are you
seen as both creative and pragmatic? Skilled in both visual design and
interaction design? Are you a person who enjoys creating and evangelizing
team and product vision and who has strong, proven customer affinity and
user empathy?

Bestica's clients User Experience team seeks a strong, well-rounded designer
with skills and experience in UI architecture, interaction design, and
visual design to help build new and compelling generations of software made
for the world's best designers and engineers. Successful candidate will be
well trained in design, demonstrate an ability to apply strategic thinking
and business goals to design work, possess an understanding of both work
flow and user tasks, and will be known for having a good eye, usability
focus, and aesthetic values. Candidate will have worked as a hands-on UI
design practitioner and will be responsible for delivering hands-on
exploratory and finished design.

Our client may not be a household name, but the products, buildings, games
and movies created with their tools are known worldwide. They're a $2
billion company with a market cap that's risen faster than the S&P 500-stock
index. They hold the number 25 spot on the Business Week top 50 list of the
best-performing large companies.

Ideal candidate will:

* Lead by example, design intelligence, and design principals

* Hold direct responsibility for creating the user interface of key
customer experiences and projects, concentrating on end-to-end scenarios and
top user tasks

* Illustrate drive for ease-of-use and simplicity despite complexity of
software/desktop applications

* Learn new technologies quickly, from the core applications being
developed to new design tools

* Be capable of defining and implementing design criteria, design
guidelines, and design specs; illustrate experience with industry standards
and corporate visual design guidelines

* Be capable of independent design process, project, and schedule

* Compare, contrast, and prioritize among alternative approaches to meeting
design objectives, using judgment to suggest solutions to design problems
that optimize among customer needs, business constraints, and technological

* Illustrate experience in conceptual development and creative prototypes
as well as tactical UI design and implementation

* Be tolerant of range of projects, from vague to well-defined, simple to
complex, implementation to innovation

* Be a creative problem-solver and an effective communicator, presenter,
and negotiator

* Be efficient and insightful in dealing with peers, partners, and
cross-discipline and cross-team relationships

* Exhibit ability to collaborate with art directors, peer UI designers, UI
text writers, user researchers and to accept input from a variety of other
corporate peers and sponsors

Requirements and Qualifications:

* Four-year product/interaction design or graphic design degree

* Post-graduate design degree preferred in design or cognitive
science/human factors

* Minimum five years industry experience (combination of corporate,
software, web, agency experience)

* Three to five years application product experience. Experience in
shipping high-volume, high-profile, or award-winning software products

* Strong portfolio available for viewing

* Strong prototyping and mockup skills; efficient scripting skills

* Strong Photoshop skills; agility with Illustrator and InDesign preferred

* Experience with all other major design, multimedia, and operating system
software: Flash, Director, Visio/Visual Basic, Windows, Microsoft Office,
QuarkXpress, PageMaker (Mac experience acceptable as long as candidate has
significant experience designing and producing on the PC as well)


Veena Gowthamchand

Recruiting Coordinator

Ph: 210-614-4187

Fax: 210-745-1631

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