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16 Jan 2008 - 10:17am
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Dave Malouf

I currently work for an amazing group within the Motorola
organization. As part of the Design & Innovation Studio for Motorola
Enterprise Mobility (formerly Symbol Technologies), I get to work
across a wide variety of projects (embedded software, hardware
interface, desktop software, webtop software, and eco-systems) that
float between research exploration projects and product lifecycle

Being a part of a studio that has a tremendously talented group of
industrial designers and design researchers is inspiring and humbling
all at the same time.

We have been really struggling to find the right designers as we build
a first class interaction design team.
The location is off the beaten track (50mi. from Manhattan; about an
hour in good traffic), which makes it hard. But it has also been
really hard to find interaction designers with enough experience &/or
education in interaction design beyond software run on a PC/or inside
the mobile phone.

If you think you can communicate how YOUR experience and talents have
prepared you to work in this amazing environment, or better you have
the portfolio that demonstrates you've done this work already, I would
highly encourage you to submit your resume to the link below.

Also, if you are coming to Interaction08, please do consider stopping
by the Motorola Enterprise Mobility booth.

Here's that link:


-- dave

David Malouf
Sr. Interaction Designer
Motorola Enterprise Mobility
Innovation & Design

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