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7 Sep 2004 - 12:11am
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Frank Ramirez



There a few spots left for the Future of IA retreat! Plus we've got a
program posted! So check it out, and consider joining us...

clarification: the amount on the registration form is the total for two
nights plus dinner friday, three squares saturday, and break fast and
lunch sunday. Don't hesitate, come romp with the deer and starfish, and
geek out!

The Future of Information Architecture, A Retreat
Where: Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA
When: October 1-3, 2004

This weekend retreat is an opportunity for IAs from around the globe to
come together in an informal and beautiful setting to discuss and share
ideas about the future of Information Architecture. Where are we
heading? What is the career path for an IA? What is on the horizon for
the next 5 years and how do we plan to approach it?

Supported by AIfIA under the Event Sponsorship Program and organized by
AIfIA members, we will be gathering for a weekend to talk with one
another, share ideas, peek into the future and see what it holds for us.
If you want to help shape the direction our field is taking, get to know
other Information Architects, and enjoy a beautiful place near the
Pacific Ocean, this is the weekend for you. It will be a IA cocktail
hour that goes for an entire weekend, sprinkled with a few presentations
and occasional deer leaping across the grounds.

Rather than have everyone preach to each other, it should be a time to
make connections, and problem solve together, as a true retreat should
be. So far we have Margeret Hanley speaking on career opportunities for
IAs, Jess McMullin unveiling trends that will shape the next five years
in IA, Peter Merholz pondering the relationships of comics, urban
planning and emergent phenomenon to IA and Victor Lombardi offering
design patterns for design management.

This is a small gathering - only 40 slots are available! It's an
unprecedented opportunity to have real conversations in an intimate
setting. To sign up now fax the completed Attendee Information form
(25kb PDF) to the Asilomar Conference Grounds.

Note: this registration takes care of all meals from Friday night to
Sunday lunch, as well as accommodation. No extra fees are collected by
the association-- this is by us, for us!

Want to do more than just attend?
Would you like to present? Lead a workshop? Please send us a short (1
paragraph) description of the breakout session or workshop you would
like to lead. The committee will review, and work toward putting
together a program that will wow and titillate. Here are some ideas
we've come up with, but don't necessarily have leaders for that might
stimulate your thoughts:

Collaboration models: How do we work better with our peer designers and
developers? What is the IA's role in the organization?
Cultural perspectives: How will information use be different in Africa
vs. San Francisco in 5 years?
Is ROI really relevant?
How do you get access to the C-level folks? What do we have to say to
Is the web ready for a paradigm shift? Will it be social networks, new
search techniques, or...?
How do we market our skills to the world? How do we communicate our
business value?
IA Published magazine: Could AIfIA or Boxes and Arrows take this on?
Would this be a good way to making us an "established" field? What other
things could we do to push the next realm of marketing?
Descriptions are due August 16th, 2004. Send them to
<mailto:retreat at> retreat at

Want to spend some time not talking about IA?
Asilomar is in an incredible location. In Pacific Grove on the Monterey
peninsula, it is close to the Monterey aquarium, and affords activities
like bike riding and kayaking, as well as low-key activities like beach
combing and bonfires. The conference grounds themselves are unique:
designed by Julia Morgon in the Arts and Crafts style, every building
has a fireplace and a common space, and many rooms have fireplaces as
well. The birthplace of AIfIA, we're sure you will be inspired by this
tranquil and magical spot to invent as well.

Draft Schedule
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