JOB: Design Researcher/Human Factors - Motorola Enterprise Mobility - Holtsville, NY (Long Island), Full-time, permanent

8 Jan 2008 - 9:35am
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Dave Malouf

Link to corporate listing:
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[Personal intro: Enterprise Mobility is run independently from the
rest of Motorola. Our design group is very impressive and the design
research team is at the heart of what makes us so great. You'll have
the opportunity to shape the very future of business mobile devices
doing a mixture of interview, observation, and evaluation. it almost
makes me wish I was a researcher.]

Basic Qualifications
4 Year Bachelors degree in Human Factors Industrial Engineering or
similiar degree from an accredited University
5+ Years experience in Human Factors

Department Description
Innovation and Design is part of Enterprise Mobility Business and
includes the disciplines of industrial design user experience design
design research and advanced mechanical packaging. The team focuses on
H1 (product under development) and H2 (new innovations) programs. Our
industrial design user experience team work directly with development
groups on product programs through the entire development process.
This includes handheld products with both hardware and software UI
challenges and web based tools used primarily for device deployment
and management. The team also focuses on H2 innovation working with
divisions on new technologies or new market opportunities. Given the
team's cross division view we actively pitch H2 project ideas and
develops those ideas through and innovation pipeline process. The team
has a strategic role within EMP given our in-depth customer business
knowledge our ability to turn around fully developed products (ready
for prototype testing or production).

Scope of Responsibilities/Expectations
The Human Factors engineer will apply skills in human factors testing
methodologies and generative research methods to researching, testing
and validating hand held enterprise mobility products and user
interfaces through all stages of product development. The HF engineer
will participate in collaborative projects as a member of high-energy
multidisciplinary teams including other researchers, industrial
designers, engineers and product marketing. The individual will
interact with customers for generative and observational research and
translate findings to the product teams. The individual will serve as
a 'trusted advisor' on multiple product teams and also serve as the
design research/human factors lead on projects.

Specific Knowledge/Skills
Knowledge of cognitive and/or physical human factors strongly preferred
Exposure to human factors research methodologies with demonstrated
project experience designing and conducting different types of
user-research studies, including lab-based usability studies,
heuristic and expert reviews, field studies, and usability testing
Excellent analytical skills and reasoning abilities with a
quantitative application
Knowledge of statistics and application of different types of
statistical analyses preferred
Strong oral and written communication skills
Ability to work with end users, marketers, engineers, researchers,
designers, product managers, etc. to identify user needs.
Willingness to travel
Interviewing skills – The ability to structure and conduct interviews
with end users and decision-makers at our customers
Basic knowledge of industrial design issues such as: form, material,
manufacturing methods, color, modeling methods, brand identity, and
visual aesthetics.

Link to corporate listing:

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