Is user research a band-aid for "the listeningdeficit"?

7 Jan 2008 - 1:08pm
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Marijke Rijsberman


I developed a mural process to help companies draw knowledge about customers
out of different parts of the organization and make it visible to all and
available to design teams. I'm not doing these kinds of projects anymore,
and the material is a little outdated, but the basic idea is relevant to
what you bring up here:


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> I can say that often parts of most company are listening - namely
> those that deal directly with customers, employees as you mention..

> I'd agree with this, but I also see that often, the parts of a company
> that are listening have no direct line of communication to the ones that
> need the info. For example, a call center staff will have tons of useful
> insights, but there's no link between the call center and the design team.

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