[PLUG] Experiences with Morae, VisualMark, etc?

5 Sep 2004 - 4:01pm
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Pete Gordon - U...

> The sweetest one to come is FaceTop:

That does look great (great choice of platform, also!). The alpha
blend (transparency) is a standard feature in Quicktime. It reminds me
of this in terms of collaboration...http://www.dynamo-interactive.com.

Here is a before and after screenshot of the VisualMark output after
repositioning the tracks and applying the alpha blend (transparency)
effect in QT Pro, it took just a couple minutes...

BEFORE edit...

AFTER edit...

Because the output is a multi-track quicktime movie, the flexibility to
do these edits, and the simplicity of working with a single file, is a
big advantage.

You can download this segment of the session movie output, here. It is
large (~30MB) and I recommend downloading it, it is not meant for
streaming (size, bitrate, etc.); it will be choppy streamed.


Pete Gordon

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