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5 Sep 2004 - 10:38am
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Dave Malouf

Hello there folks,

I must apologize as there have been some technical difficulties this past
week (Aug 30th till Sept 5) regarding the list. Many might have noticed that
some e-mails they had sent did not come back or they were expecting
responses from others that didn't come through.

What occured was that moderation requests from the list were not coming to
me and thus not being dealt with. I discovered this problem today.

Many people who were posting were posting for the first time from a
particular address or were posting from an incorrect address, or one they
never subscribed to the list to explicitly. Fortunately many of these
addresses are recognizeable to me and while I won't subscribe them directly,
I will approve their messages so that the content of these threads don't get

What this will do is create a small flood of e-mails that deal with content
that may have been discussed already. Some people may have already sent
their own duplicates to these messages as well. But to make sure the content
doesn't get lost and that people are fairly represented I am posting this
content today.

I do ask that people read through ALL the content posted before posting to
any one message.

I want people to know that the largest effort in moderating this list is
when people post from e-mail addresses that they did not subscribe with. We
have put explicit instructions as to how you can handle this. If you use a
single inbox to receive multiple addresses this most likely effects you.
(BTW, it effects me so I know the rule very well). Please, I beg you, either
be sure to use the same e-mail account to send with as the one you
subscribed with or follow the instructions for being able to post from
multiple accounts while receiving just at one account (no duplicates). For
more information you should go to .

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused people, but I think the
discussion will be better for having all the content than not.

-- dave

David Heller
dave (at) interactiondesigners <mailto:dave at interactiondesigners (dot) com>
(dot) com

AIM: bolinhanyc // Y!: dave_ux // MSN: hippiefunk at

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