Paper Prototyping: Hi-Fi & Lo-Hi Togethe

4 Dec 2007 - 8:03am
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Fred Beecher

On 12/4/07, Nam Loc <deep_frost at> wrote:
> So what happens now is that within the same test session, the User will be
> tested with half the use cases (functions) of the system with full
> visualisation screens, and the remaining use cases with wireframes only. Eg,
> for an e-commerce site, testing the Search and Browse with visuals, and then
> test the Checkout with wireframes all within the same test session.
> I am aware of the pros and cons with testing of hi-fidelity and
> lo-fidelity of Paper Prototypes, however I am concern with using both, one
> after the other, within the same test session as it may introduce variables
> into the final results.

Very interesting question.

Personally, I've never mixed hi and lo-fi prototypes, but I've never come up
against a situation in which it would be necessary. On the surface, it would
*definitely* be a disruptive user experience, and would certainly color test
results. I think the solution is to do *two* tests, if that option is open
to you.

In my normal prototyping process, lo-fi prototype testing occurs as part of
the design phase. Once the interactions/IA are tested, revised, and
validated, then graphic design can be integrated. We then use image-mapped
JPGs for hi-fi prototyping*. This reveals to us aspects of the design that
may affect the usability of the site, e.g., a button may not look clickable.

I hope this helps!

- Fred

* Not intended as flame bait. : )

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