Royal College of Art, London masters degree in Interactions Design for sale or rent

19 Nov 2007 - 5:45pm
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steven ounanian

My name is Steven Ounanian and I am an Artist/Designer from Los Angeles
currently developing my thesis at the Royal College of Art in a course
titled Interaction Design. As part of this, I am subletting my position as a
student (RCA website<>).
If you decide to "sub-enroll", or take my place on the course, you will
participate in everything my particular study has too offer, including
tutorials and workshops for the development and exhibition of your work. The
price and length of this experience is negotiable.

This is basically an intensive Interaction design Workshop, where you get to
try out a research position within the Royal College environment.

You get:

The ability to take part in a project researching the future of money in
conjunction with Intel, which includes:
* access to e-money research blog which is being developed by Royal College MAs, Mphils, thinkers at Intel, and writers.
* individual tutorials with other MAs and lecturers
* possible presentation of work to Intel

Your own studio space at the Royal College of art in London (Kensington)
including your own mac mini to be used for the duration of your stay.

Your own Blog/web presence.

Access to a number of Royal college facilities including metal and wood
workshops, video editing stations and film equipment, laser cutting machine,
3d scanner, rapid prototyping machine etc.

Participation in a Royal College exhibition.

Access to Royal College bar, events, and social life.

To be a part of this project contact Steven at stevenlevon at


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