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9 Nov 2007 - 12:16pm
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Jenifer Tidwell

Greetings, IxDA! I've been plying my personal network for these roles, but
without much luck so far... A client of mine needs to fill two roles: a
graphic designer, and an organization who can find and recruit users in a
certain demographic. These are likely to be short-term contracts, and
they're needed soon -- within the next month or so. The client is located
in the Boston area, but that doesn't necessarily matter, as these can be
done remotely.

Graphic designer role: The client needs a good visual identity. It has to
be polished and professional (obviously), and communicate reliability,
security, and trustworthiness -- personal finance is involved, so the user's
first impression of the brand is of *critical* importance. I will work with
this person fairly closely (I'm doing the site IA and interaction design),
but I don't have the time or chops to do this particular job the way it
should be done. I will be asking for samples of recent work from

User recruiting: We need to find potential users in the Boston area for
fieldwork -- initially for interviews, eventually for usability testing.
The client knows a good deal about the demographic they're targeting; we
just need names and phone numbers! (Though the rental of a usability lab
would be nice down the road...)

Please contact me if you can fill these roles, or know someone who can!
Thanks in advance,

- Jenifer

Jenifer Tidwell
jenifer.tidwell at

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