RedesignMe - Let your inner design critic loose

9 Nov 2007 - 10:11am
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Dave Malouf

Too the many critics on this list, this sounds right up your ally!
-- dave

Sent to you by Dave via Google Reader: RedesignMe via eHub by Cesar
Castro on 11/9/07 A design community/forum where people can point out
the flaws in products they themselves think are badly designed. It's
best to think of it as a customers point of view of things that just
don't work. You create a photo or movie of the product you have a
problem with, write down what you don't like about it, upload it to the
site, get creative and suggest a redesign of a product submitted by you
or someone else, use the redesigner tool provided and win prizes each
month. URL: RedesignMe.
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