Do Engineers Understand UX documents? (was

1 Nov 2007 - 4:20pm
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Mark Richman

I read Todd Warfel's post and think this is a great use of usability
testing. I actively ask for feedback on wire frames from our developers but,
as you might exepct, never get any. They are too busy writing the next lines
of code.

In lieu of that, I've adjusted my documents to address any omissions or
misunderstandings I've seen. These tend to be visual issues, where the final
page doesn't match the cognitive intent. But sometimes things I expect to be
elementary are not understood sufficiently, I don;t get feedback, and the
final result just doesn;t work. This feeds into David's issue about leaving
things open to interpretation...

I'm really interested in how people have tested wire frames and other

Mark Richman

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