Research Site UX Design (was: Examples of Dashboard Designs)

25 Oct 2007 - 10:04am
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Donna Timara

Hello, I need some help on a similar but wider topic.

My client has a site restricted for its members. The content of the
site are developed from basically benchmarking data (across industry,
practice areas). He uses survey tools to gather data from its user
base and allows individual members with reports, best practices
suggestions, insights (sort of Business Intelligence) on the
dashboards, etc.

My question is how will you enhance this product?

-- How can you utilize concepts of Social Networking to enhance participation?
Any great example, pointers, papers will help. (remember this site
will never be open for freebees)

-- How can you enhance surveys, and reporting (especially drill down survays)?
I am looking for some good examples of survey tools, patterns, and
drill down reporting tools which enhances UX.

Anything else, which can help me improve the interface design. If you
can't share it in public please send me your notes directly.

Thanks in advance,

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