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23 Oct 2007 - 5:57pm
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Software User Interface Designer -- Contract Position -- Louisville, KY

Bestica is searching for zealous design professionals for the following

If by chance these look like a good fit for your skills, please reply with
your resume and work samples.

If this does not fit you at this time, or is in the wrong location, please
feel free to share my contact info with any interested colleagues. If you
are interested please respond with your resume to Holly at

**** Also, If you would be interested in receiving job descriptions in your
preferred areas. Please respond with your resume and preferred locations. I
will add you to my contact list and send out new jobs as I receive them.
Thank you for your time. ****

Thank you for your time and I would greatly appreciate any referral who you
think would be a good fit for this position.

If you think this is a good fir for you please respond with your resume to
Holly at

To search for more job openings please see our website at

Seeking User Interface Designers to compliment clients Software

Engineering development team with highly talented and creative individuals

trained in Human-Computer Interaction Design. Our software products run on

multiple platforms (desktop Windows, mobile Windows, Smartphone, Linux,

Embedded) in multiple languages and are expanding to new devices


Job Requirements

Ideal Candidates will have...

* MS or MA in related area (HCI, Usability Engineering, etc are traditional;

non-traditional majors (CS, English, etc) are also encouraged to apply)

* Strong written skills and command of language; must provide examples

* Understanding of and fascination with technology and new things

* Usability testing skills (create test scenarios, work with recruiting

firm to profile participants, run tests, analyze and report results)

* Electronic prototyping skills

* Ability to communicate with both "marketing" and "engineering"

* Creativity and a sense of fun

* Ability to work with a minimum amount of direct supervision

* Sufficient speaking skills to communicate and defend designs

* Strong empathic skills; understanding of how and why an interface succeeds

or fails; ability to spot likely problems in flow, layout, copy or

presentation before they go into production

* Attention to detail and strong organizational skills

* Aptitude for leadership, communication and teamwork

Responsibilities Include:

* Design and test user interface extensions to existing software packages

* Design and test user interfaces for brand new technologies

* Communicate designs to engineering team via electronic prototype and

written specifications

* Interact with business and engineering teams while determining feature

loads and priorities

* Perform usability testing on all aspects of software product deliverables

(installation applications and instructions, help guides, product support

web sites, etc)

* Manage day to day relationship with any graphics artists, technical

writers, editors, translators, etc. involved in various projects

* Aid where needed with entire software development and delivery process

* Rapidly produce multiple possible designs for usability testing,

presentation to customers, sales demonstrations, etc; assist with design

and creation of compelling proposals and demos.

* Analyze performance of user interfaces in the field and recommend specific

changes for improvement


* This is NOT a visual design position for graphic or web designers.

It IS a software application user interface design position

Additional Strengths:

* Strong presentation skills

* Strong Microsoft Windows skills, including MS Office

* Ability to travel within U.S. to present to customers and at trade shows

* HTML, CSS, JavaScript

* C#

* Flash

If this position looks like a good fit for you please respond with your
resume to <mailto:Alan at> Alan at If this is not the
location you would like to be in please respond with your resume and a list
of the cities and states you would like to work or go to. If you know anyone
who would be a good candidate for this position, please forward them this
information. I would be very grateful for any referrals.

Alan D Johnson

Account Executive/ IT Recruiter

Bestica, Inc.

Office 210.614.4187

Cellular 210.878.5881

<mailto:alan at> alan at


Bridging the IT talent GAP

Thank You,

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