IxDA SF - 10/18 INTERSECTION: Where Interaction and Industrial Design Meet

18 Oct 2007 - 6:25am
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IxDA SF presents:

INTERSECTION: Where Interaction and Industrial Design Meet
featuring case studies from Cooper, frog design, Motorola and IDEO


Taking advantage of industrial design presence in San Francisco for
the ICSID/IDSA Connecting 07 conference, IxDA San Francisco is
delighted to host an evening of dialog between two closely related
but often siloed fields: Industrial Design and Interaction Design. On
October 18 at CNET, we will hear case studies from Cooper, frog
design, Motorola and IDEO, highlighting the intersection point of the
two disciplines and the ups and downs of collaboration.

Our presenters:

Dave Cronin, Director of Interaction Design at Cooper
From the front lines of a product design consultancy, Dave Cronin,
Director of Interaction Design at Cooper, will recount picaresque
stories, reveal lessons learned, and explain Cooper’s approach to
integrating industrial design, interaction design and visual design
in an attempt to create compelling and effective products.

Jennifer Kilian, Creative Director at frog design
frog design’s client, TurboChef, has been utilizing their Speedcook
technology in the commercial space for over a decade. Yet
increasingly, the fast pace of modern life has necessitated the
introduction of this convenient technology into the home. Our cross-
functional team of design analysts (researchers, UE strategists and
interaction designers in one), visual designers, product designers,
as well as software technologists and mechanical engineers focused
heavily on harmonizing the form, function, and overall experience of
the TurboChef Double Wall Speedcook oven. In this presentation
Jennifer Kilian, Creative Director at frog design, will talk about
how the cross-functional team at frog designed a new solution for
TurboChef, bringing their technology into the consumer marketplace.

Gabriel White, former Interaction Design Lead for the Motorola
Motofone, Principal Designer at frog design
Half the world’s population has no access to mobile phone technology,
and most of these people live in poor or developing countries. How do
you design for people with no experience using information
technology, who are often illiterate, and have only limited
resources? The Motorola MotoFone is a cell phone designed from the
ground up for people in developing countries. Researchers,
interaction designers and industrial designers worked closely to
define a new phone platform from the ground up, and in doing so
created a unique product. In this talk Gabriel will discuss how the
MotoFone was designed, and how the disciplines of interaction design,
industrial design and research worked together to make this happen.

Danny Stillion, Design Director at IDEO
Beyond the discovery, prototyping and building phases of the typical
product, storytelling is an important part of design thinking at
IDEO. IDEO Design Director Danny Stillion will present a case study
focused on “vision” video work highlighting possibilities for
wireless devices and interactions that Intel could bring to life with
partners in the near future. He’ll speak about the close
collaboration that took place between interaction designers and
industrial designers as the team focused on storytelling which, in
this case, was carried out at a high level of fidelity.

Date: Thursday, October 18th, 2007
Location: CNET
CNET Networks Building
235 Second Street
Between Howard and Folsom

6:30 pm – Socializing with light refreshments
7:00 pm – Presentation

Presented by IxDA-SF and CNET

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