IxDA Local Face-to-Face group in Lisbon

17 Oct 2007 - 12:14pm
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Pedro Neves

Lisbon was invited to have a Face to Face group, we already have some
bases, anyone that what to be part of this initiative it's welcome.

We have relations with Universities in Portugal and Portuguese
speaking countries like Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Timor, and Cabo

We will try to read Lisbon particular way of doing things and confront
it to the local and global IXD practices, ( globalization it's a
concept developed by Zygmunt Bauman and Professor Roland Robertson),
and for that we will be bilingual soon (English, Portuguese).

We have a reunion place, dates, 15 people group and a medium event in
planning for May 2008.

Please contact me here or subscribe the discussion list:

Best regards
Pedro Soares Neves

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