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16 Oct 2007 - 11:28am
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andrew_hinton a...

Hi, everyone.

Thanks again to the many of you (45!!) who responded to my
query a few weeks ago, asking about the openness of your work

I did, indeed, compile everything into something. I have
no idea how accurate or useful it is, but I did my best.

Rather than sending around documents to the whole list,
I've published the info via Google Docs at the links
below (the urltea link is shorter, but the other one
is the 'official' published spreadsheet key).

See results at:

Or here:

It includes an explanation of the "survey," a spreadsheet
where I roughly ranked each response, and a sheet of quotes
from some of the responses, from both the agency/design-or-
tech-company side and the non-design-company, internal
corporate employee side.

Everything is completely anonymous.

Here's my own quick take:

There's more than just a correlation between innovation
and open design environments -- there's definite causation.
One reason why agencies and consultancies bring more innovative
quality to user experience design is the infrastructure and openness
of their environments -- the conditions under which they work.
Talent, methods and experience of course play a huge role, but
put those talents, methods and experience in a locked-down
environment, and the value of their efforts devolves over time.

It's almost 100% a non-scientific observation, though. And this
was certainly not an empirical survey. But it's something :-)

Andrew Hinton

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