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5 Aug 2004 - 12:56am
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H Taylor

Well, if you're looking for precedents with user and groups GUI's, why
don't you start with server OS's? Look at Win NT/2000 (/XP?) Server,
Apple's older ASIP Server, OS X Server... I'm not personally aware of
any *NIX system that uses a GUI for users and groups (but that doesn't
mean there isn't one). Also, I think some of the "network appliance"
servers have a web-based GUI for U&G admin.

As to where you might get access, it shouldn't be too hard to find
someone using Windows servers wherever you are. If you can't find Apple
servers, you might try posting to an Apple server admin mailing list
and seeing if you can get someone to send you a screen shot or two.

- Hal

On Wed, 04 Aug 2004 , Schomer wrote
> Thanks for the feedback and tips, Andrei.
> I totally agree that there are variations in terms of how this could be
> designed, depending on the factors you noted, below.
> I like to start with some examples from other products, if the problem
> has
> been solved before, to evaluate how others have done it, and to test it
> against my needs to see how it might work, or how I might further
> improve/change it to meet my needs.
> If any of you can think of a product that has some user-and-group UI, I
> would appreciate hearing about it, so I could check it out.
> What I need to come up with needs to handle a lot of users and groups.
> I
> would like to be able to click on a user and see which groups they are
> in,
> and click on a group to see which users are in it. I would like to
> drag and
> drop between these views/lists to assign users/groups. There will
> also need
> to be a permissions section, which allows the admin to specify what
> permissions each user or group has.
> BTW, what's the policy on attachments for this list? Is it okay to
> send out
> a JPEG screenshot, if it's not too large, or is this a no-attachment
> list?
> Thanks again, all.
> Schomer

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