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23 Sep 2007 - 4:37pm
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Kevin Wong


I do not remember finding any software that promises to keep track of
all your online identities, or even push updates out to all of them
for that manner. However, this did help me remember something I
wanted to read that I recently bookmarked. David Recordon writes
about the continuing effort Six Apart is taking on opening up the
social graph and how OpenID will help make this happen. The result
will afford a lot of what you have mentioned below like managing
networks, one login/password, and also defining relationships.

I'm sure many of us here have read this, but I thought it was worth
mentioning. It's not here yet, but something I hope will happen soon
than later.



On Sep 23, 2007, at 1:20 PM, Jenifer Tidwell wrote:

> Will's essay made me wonder something. Does any software exist to
> help me
> manage the identities I present at various online sites?
> As he points out, online identities tend to be fragmented. My social
> circles rarely interact, especially the online ones, and I present
> different
> faces to each (not necessarily on purpose, but as a side effect of the
> communities' purposes and social norms). I find it hard to keep
> track of
> all of them.
> On the most simple level, for instance, I might want a way to
> update my
> avatar on most of the communities I frequent. (Even simpler, I don't
> remember what my username is on some of them anymore! I want
> something to
> keep track of that.) Another thing I might want to do is see a
> summary of
> where I've been active and where I haven't. Or keep track of
> friends lists
> in various places.
> Anyone?
> - Jenifer
> ---------------------------------------
> Jenifer Tidwell
> jenifer.tidwell at

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