Fix screen and more than a screen of text: Should I paginate vertically or horizontally?

31 Aug 2007 - 11:21am
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Stew Dean


This is one of those 'pattern' issues.

I'm setting out interaction styles for a TV based service and I'm
covering scenarios where there is quite a bit of text (given that
we're also saying 'the less text the better). From a usability point
of view I know I'm goig to say 'don't put text in a scrolling box'
(fine for T+Cs but not for help text or stuff you want folks to read).


The alternatives is you have 'pages' of text which, using the remote
control, you page through. So the text may be 4 pages (that's not much
text but the font size is nice and chunky). What I'm trying to
determine, without having time to do user testing etc, is if the page
should be navigated 'left and right' or 'up and down'. I'm focused
upon arrow keys, select and back key to drive the experience and have
the user not have to try and find buttons they don't normaly use so
don't worry about other buttons. We don't have a page up / page down
button like some services.

Anyone had experience with this. My playstation 3 has scrolling text
boxes, but this stuff is just for T+Cs.

So left and right or up and down - thoughts?

Stewart Dean

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