Re: Design Methodology for GUI development

16 Jul 2004 - 5:59pm
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Andrew Otwell

> Design Methodology for GUI development (Stephen Mallett)

I'll second what others have written: UML certainly isn't a method, but
can be a useful notation system. I currently work with developers and
system architects (and even marketers and salespeople) who "get it"
when I adhere to something like UML diagrams. I don't, unlike others
here, prefer to jump directly into prototyping. UML Use Case, Activity,
and Object diagrams let me pretty quickly translate product
requirements into another form. It's a good way of getting stuff up on
a wall and asking "is this what you want?"

I usually find that a few rounds of UML diagrams makes me itchy to
start drawing screens and laying out buttons and fields. Generating the
first round of UI layouts at that point is easier (for me) after the
UML steps.

I'd caution that it has never been helpful for me to be dogmatic or
strict about how I use UML. It's best as a tool to communicate
something in a visually structured way, but it won't produce even one
good idea on its own. Draw until you get every head in the room
nodding, then move on to the next phase.


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