Call for Conference Speakers (November 2007 - Portland Maine)

16 Aug 2007 - 12:17pm
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We're pulling together the User Experience track for Maine's 15th Annual
Information Technology Conference to be held in Portland, Maine - November
7, 2007.

We're looking for speakers for three 90-minute sessions on topics within the
vast realms of our collective professions (UX, IxD, IA, UI, ID, UCD, CHI,
WTF, OMG, etc.)

Being the Responsible UX Professionals From The Great State of Maine™ that
we are, we asked a cross-section of last year's conference attendees, and
conference "avoidees," what they want to learn about...this is what they

* Skills (wireframing, prototyping, use case scenarios, personas,
usability testing, documentation)

* Emerging trends/current innovations: (agile design, RIA)

* Multi-platforming (cells, PDAs, handhelds, kiosks, interactive
terminals) & multi-mediuming (sound, video 2.0, images, games)

* Impact of web 2.0/3.0 on IA/usability/interaction/experience design

* Ethnographic research and other innovative useful techniques

* Developments in search, SEO, findability, navigation, organization of

* Value proposition of UX, strengthening UX/partnerships within your

* Relationships among visual design, usability, information design,
information architecture, etc.

In other words, almost nothing's off limits—tales of success, failure,
learning, joy, and woe. Give us thought-provoking, fresh, useful, practical,
workable, radical, tested, testy, funny, fanciful, brain-cell-popping,
replicable, and/or meaningful.

Here's the link to the presentation proposal form --

**please let us know initial interest by August 24th**

We'd love if you'd consider coming up to Maine, being our guest at the
conference (and din-dins the night before), and speaking to the Maine UX
Cognoscenti™, as well as all the new recruits and coverts. At last year's
conference, the UX Track was by far the most popular and well-attended--with
Steve Krug drawing in 150 of the 200 attendees! Come be an extra big fish in
an extra cool li'l pond...

Thanks for your consideration - if you have questions, drop us a line!

Susan Doran
susandoran at

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