JOB: Principal UX Manager, Redmond WA, Microsoft, Full-Time

15 Aug 2007 - 10:38am
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Scott Simmons

The Microsoft Dynamics Live team (<> )is seeking an exceptional Director of Product Design to help drive the next generation of business applications. This is an opportunity to reinvent how people interact with computers, to turn new technology into positive user experiences, and to deliver a product that reaches millions of customers. If you are inspired by these plans, then this is the team for you.

As Director of Product Design, you will work alongside some of the world's most talented product designers, usability specialists, and software developers to define and build the next generation of Business applications. You will drive a vision for ease of use and breakthrough productivity, serving as a user advocate to ensure the highest level of usability, desirability and customer satisfaction. You will research, design, and prototype product experiences that meet demanding quality standards, and you will drive your work through the software development process. You will collaborate with teams across the company to ensure we maintain industry leadership, delivering innovative, exciting and emotionally engaging products.

Candidates must produce a visual design portfolio that demonstrates exceptional visual and branding design talent as applied to software products or web services. We require a proven ability to articulate ideas through high fidelity prototypes. You should be an excellent communicator and presenter, and show experience applying user research throughout the design process. Qualifications include a 4-year degree in industrial design, graphic design, or related field, plus 9-12 years of industry experience developing technology designs (preferably software products) for large markets. Expert knowledge of major multimedia, design, and operating system software (Photoshop, Flash or Director, Windows, Office) is preferred.

You can apply directly by visiting this link<>, or to get further information you can ask Scott or Eric by writing: dynmxres at

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Scott Simmons
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