IxDA F2F in Bangalore

13 Aug 2007 - 1:10am
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Hi all,
The IxDA F2F in Bangalore was held on the 11th of Aug 2007 at Koshy's, St
Marks Road. It was an introductory session and was an informal event.

It was an enriching experience for all those attended and we carried with us
more inspiring thoughts and ideas, a promise of holding this again and of
course, more contact numbers.

People who attended were (in alphabetical order) :

- Navneet Nair - Interaction Designer, Google
- Sarit Arora – Group Lead – Human Factors
- Sudhindra V – Centre of Excellence – Lead, Human Factors
- Suman Paul – Interaction Designer, TCS
- Suresh JV - Interaction Designer, eTrade
- Vikram Rao – Sr. Interaction Designer, RSA

The topics of discussion ranged from the very definition of professionals in
our field to the social causes that we can contribute as professionals and
India specific usability issues.
The important topics that were discussed were :

*1. Future Events*
We agreed that all future F2Fs should be :
- periodic
- informal like a barcamp/unconference
- explore new restaurants as venues for the event
- focus on participants to present

*2. To work towards getting usability/interaction design due recognition
To increase awareness with the Government and people as a whole regarding
the importance of usability and its relevance in day to day life, we all
agreed to take up the matter with Nasscom, the IT governing body of the
Government. Any ideas/help in this regard is welcome. We can also look at
how usability and the field of human factors is viewed by other governments.

*3. Interaction Design as a social contributor*
We discussed ways to help the society we live in through our profession. For
eg, increasing accessibility in public/private buildings, reduce traffic
hazards and easing of the traffic flow.

These were some of the main topics we discussed. Additionally, everyone
contributed their concerns in their working environments and the ways of
improving them, the importance of training etc.

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