IXDA meet in Mumbai, India

9 Aug 2007 - 10:11am
8 years ago
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keyur sorathia

Hi all,

This mail is regarding the first meet for IXDA in Mumbai, India.
An introduction meeting was held on 8th August in Mumbai of IXDA members in
India (specially Mumbai)
A bunch of people from several companies and students participated in this
first introduction meet.

Though it was an introduction meeting, several issues came for discussions
like roles of interaction designers in different domains specifically in
India, usability, roles of IAs in several industries etc. Experienced people
shared their experiences and views of different industries and global
market. We ended up a never ending process of discussion through deciding
further workshops/discussions/meetings etc where we get a platform to share
views and experiences with everyone.

People attended this introduction session.

*Ashish Tibrewal*
Information Architect,
Mphasis/EDS, Mumbai.

*Prachi Sakhardande*
Information Architect
Mphasis/EDS, Mumbai.

*Rajnish Dureja*
Information Architect
Mphasis/EDS, Mumbai.

*Megha Runval*
Information Architect
Mphasis/EDS, Mumbai.

*Kinjal Vora*
Information Architect
Mphasis/EDS, Mumbai.

*Pushkar Nagwekar*
Interaction Designer/Experience Designer
HFI, Mumbai

*Keyur Sorathia*
Student of Interaction Design,
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea+Domus Academy, Milan, Italy.

*Girija Aathalye*
Student of Interaction Design
Indian Istitute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

*Atish Patel*
Student of Interaction Design,
Indian Istitute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

Student of Interaction Design,
Indian Istitute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

*Kumar Ahir*
Student of Interaction Design,
Indian Istitute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

*Trusha Sawant*
Graphic Designer,



9 Aug 2007 - 9:34pm
Deepak Pakhare

Hi Keyur,
You've got a great thing going there in Aapli (our) Mumbai :) I am from
Mumbai and incidently went to Interaction-Ivrea too. But currently working
in Singapore. So my loss, basically...would have loved to be part of the
proceedings there. Great to see Trusha Sawant on the list of attendees.

Keep it up!



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