Information Workplace/Enterprise Workplace User Data?

31 Jul 2007 - 6:27pm
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We're beginning to craft a strategy to move our communications/self-service
Intranet portal into more of an Information Workplace model. We expect to
spend several years on this strategy, evolving over time. If you're not
familiar, I wrote a short paper for my company explaining the general

To get to the point, I am looking for any user-study data (quantitative or
otherwise) which would illustrate user priorities when improving corporate
intranets. One odd aspect of our approach is that our email/calendar,
portal and collaboration tool contracts are coming due in a few months, so
the current approach is trying to decide whether we're switching everything
to Microsoft or IBM (we currently use Lotus Notes for
email/calendaring/collaboration & BEA Aqualogic for our portal).

I disagree with the approach (the Info Workplace should be more of a
business/organizational strategy than a "which software do we need"
strategy). However, we are where we are, and I've been asked to "survey the
stakeholders and users" to support either platform as the preferred solution
for the Information Workplace. I have my thoughts, but would like to
leverage what I can from what others have learned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and its source would be appropriately

- Bryan

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