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24 Jul 2007 - 6:14am
9 years ago
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Chris Whelan

NEW YORK- According to sources, People magazine
yesterday scrapped plans to publish a Top Ten Sexiest
Interaction Designers special edition. Industry
insiders disagreed on the motives behind the move, as
a Time Inc. spokesperson refused comment.

However, on the condition of anonymity, a People
technology reporter did reveal that a recent Editorial
meeting erupted into a fracas over the staff's
inability to arrive at a meaningful definition for the
term Interaction Design.

"We can't just call it 'really hot people who think up
websites and software products'. Nobody will buy ads
for that," said the source.

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28 Jul 2007 - 6:04pm

This is a big problem -- there is even confusion amongst the
practitioners of "interaction design" themselves. We could do
better at communicating what we do to the world.

>From my experience, many people have a fairly good idea of what a
"user interface designer" does -- they associate that with the
design of the visual look of software, including websites.

Of course, UI design doesn't encompass all of the activities
involved in "interaction design" and "user experience design" and
so this is where our communication of what we do to the world at large
is lacking.

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29 Jul 2007 - 5:11am
Fredrik Matheson

It's still a young profession and – happily – there's a lot of overlap
between specialties.
Personally I find the idea of having a definitive, clarifying label that
• what we do
• what we don't do
• who's not a part of our gang

… quite silly. Yes, I see the need for a term indicating what profession one
belongs to, but don't hold your breath waiting for a clarifying one. The
first industrial designers emerged in the 1920s and the public still has
only a vague idea what industrial design is.

So, let's spend our energies making great stuff, and let those labels emerge
in their own good time.

- Fredrik

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