Personas tutorial at HCI 2007, Lancaster, UK

23 Jul 2007 - 12:24pm
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Peter Bagnall


You may be aware that the BCS HCI 2007 conference is fast approaching
and this year will be held at Lancaster University from the 3rd-7th
of September. As in previous years the Monday and Tuesday are given
over to Tutorials and Workshops, and this year I'm offering a
tutorial on Personas entitled "Using Personas Effectively" on Monday
3rd. The tutorial will run for the whole day.

I'll be explaining how to create and use personas, and some of the
theory explaining how and why they work, interspersed with practical
sessions and topped off with a Q&A session where I'll be happy to
discuss any personas you might already be using and how the method
might fit into your organisation.

You can find the detailed blurb on my tutorial here...

and general conference details here...

You can register for the conference online, and if you do so by the
5th of August you'll get a discount both on the conference and the

Do of course feel free to pass this on to any colleagues you feel
might find the tutorial or conference interesting.


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