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19 Jul 2007 - 7:15pm
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Adriana Tavares


I¹m posting this on behalf of the recruiter. If you¹re interested in this
position, please contact Jarret Summer at jsummers at

Thank you!

Job Title: User Experience Designer (Full time)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Company: Schematic

Schematic ( is a global interactive agency that employs
the most talented, agile and influential minds in the industry. As
individuals, we¹re strategists, creatives, experience designers,
technologists. As a company, we are something far more powerful: we¹re
Key Responsibilities:
* Conceptualize new solutions for a digital world
* Bring relentless focus upon the user and their needs
* Exemplify fearlessness in the face of the undefined and of things that
don¹t yet exist
* Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

Required Skills:
* Document functionality, content, navigation, and interaction models
through wireframes, site-maps, process flowcharts, content matrices, page
description diagrams and other documentation
* Create user personae and use-case scenarios
* Contribute to the development of content/data models, nomenclature and
* Apply an understanding of how IA/ID concerns and requirements differ from
platform-to-platform (e.g. between the Web, TV, and mobile)
* Help identify which client and server-side technologies are appropriate
for given projects
* Manage deliverable documents, utilizing version and source control

* Bachelor's or Master's degree in Graphic or Industrial Design, Computer
Science, HCI, Fine Arts, Architecture, Library Sciences or related areas; or
equivalent experience
* Must demonstrate a capacity for strategic, conceptual and associative
thinking, and the ability to translate this thinking into useful conceptual
designs and supporting documentation
* Must have a strong understanding of established Interactive technologies,
and curiosity about emerging ones

Adriana Tavares
Sr. UX Designer

1 310 202-2900 x220
1 310 202-2910 Fax
1 818 521-4174 Cell

ataveres at

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