[Possible Spam] Wired gets Leisa Riechtl's "Ambient Intimacy"

18 Jul 2007 - 5:25pm
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Alan Cooper


This is the key point of the entire post-industrial world: You cannot
judge behavior without investing lots of time. Software, like people,
behaves, and software, like people, demands time to become familiar with
its behavior. Machinery and other atom-based objects can be judged by
its features and capabilities because machinery doesn't have complex

So this skews your proposition slightly: it's not that people won't
put time into social apps, it's that by the time they have put
sufficient time into finding out its true nature, it's too late!

This is NOT really a problem with social apps (and some of them do
behave well enough). This is a HUGE problem with commercial apps. Ie, by
the time you find out that SAP (simply to choose one among a multitude)
sucks, you've already committed vast quantities of money and brain
cells, and going backwards is no longer an option. Or, to use Peter
Drucker's elegant phrase, you've made a "commitment to a non-optimal


PS. Yo, dude! How U?

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If it's true that you can't judge a social app until you've put in
a significant amount of time using it, then how will these
applications ever be adopted? The great unwashed want value, and few
will dedicate (waste?) a month test-driving the twitters of the

Thus, either there are no social apps that have been adopted by the
great unwashed, or the premise must be false--some social apps
actually can demonstrate value within a more reasonable time frame.

JS (Part of the great unwashed.)

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