2007 NYCCHI Elections -- last call for nominations

12 Jul 2007 - 10:14am
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Maria Moratis

The deadline for accepting nominations has been extended till Friday
July 13 (tomorrow!). We only have a few nominations so far.

These positions offer a great opportunity to shape our community in our
area. The positions are very low-maintenance and in addition to support
they offer great networking opportunities.


> NYCCHI is holding elections. Place your nominations, (self-
> nominations are welcome) by emailing the
> current chair, Maria Moratis, m_moratis at yahoo.com. Please include a
> 100-word bio
> Officers positions:
> Chair
> Vice-Chair
> Secretary
> The group is a great resource for UX professionals based in the New
> York area. Since it was reconstituted in 2001 it has grown to more
> than 1100 members, offering a hub for the local UX community by
> organizing events and providing recruitment information.
> The roles seem very specific, but they really are pretty
> fluid. Titles are more a formality. Everyone does a bit of
> everything. The posts are two year long

Please use this email address:
maria at usablesystemsdesign.com

Please update your records

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