How useful is this - HFI-Certified UsabilityAnalyst?

6 Jul 2007 - 10:27am
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I direct several seasoned UCD practitioners, none of whom are HFI-certified.
Elsewhere in my company, another UCD group focuses on specific types of
apps, and they are almost all HFI-certified.

The biggest difference I have seen in comparing their work to ours is
consistency in deliverables, methods and terminology (theirs, not ours =]).
As far as end results (are things more usable after engagements?), we both
perform about the same (see reasons below).

Aside from the cost of certification, I haven't seen any big negatives to
HFI-certification. The HFI folks I have met have all been good, very
professional, and dedicated to their craft, as much as my folks are.

As with any UCD or design engagement, both of our groups are subject to the
same pressures and pitfalls. Lack of domain knowledge causes either of us
to slip up and make less-than-ideal recommendations. Budget, timeline and
political pressures keep us from doing what we really think is best, and we
both wish we had access to everyone in the company to learn more about how
they work and learn =].

Don't know if this helps, but congrats on your new certification =]


> Finally, I suspect your question is also wondering how good is the
> certificate in your career. Personally, having once had a Certified
> Software Quality Engineer certificate from the American Society of
> Quality, I don't think these certificates do squat in advancing your
> career or getting a job. The training that HFI provides, if you apply
> it, will go further than a piece of parchment. Unless you happen to
> be looking for a job with one of HFI's big clients, like Royal Bank
> of Canada, I think the certificate itself is just a fancy ink stamp.
> And by the way you do get a fancy desktop ink stamp if you pass the
> final exam. The exam to be fair requires you to have understood the
> concepts to get the minimum p pass.

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